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How we got started

Back in 1975 friends, Jack Wright and Bob Seiter, had an idea. Jack had a showroom at the Dallas Trade Mart, and Bob was running a warehouse for one of the lines that Jack carried in his showroom. The idea was to provide warehousing services for sales representatives in the Dallas Trade Mart.

Custom Service Warehouse (CSW) became a reality in 1976. Wally Seiter, Bob's son, was brought on board right at the start. Throughout the years, CSW has seen the public warehousing business grow into a multi-million dollar industry. We are proud to be a small part of that industry continuing to help our clients grow today with the same commitment we started with.

In 1986 Joseph Tamer and Ray Dickerson had a construction company and came to Custom Service Warehouse needing warehouse and office space. After fourteen years at CSW, they expanded and moved into a larger facility in Irving/Las Colinas and made an offer to buyout and move CSW with them to the new facility in Irving/Las Colinas. 

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